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Histocenter (M) Sdn Bhd is a 100% Malaysian-owned company established in 1987, and we are currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We provide state-of-the-art technology solutions for the scientific and medical industries, in addition to tailoring specific needs accordingly with our extensive range of clinical and research products.  Starting off our business focusing solely on histology and pathology solutions, our product range has now expanded to total microscopy solution, digital imaging, EM sample preparation kits, and hematology and chemistry analytical equipment.

Extensive Products

We carry extensive product range, including histology, lab analytical, electron microscopy, etc.

Quality Assurance

We are ISO 9001 and GDPMD certified, in ensuring you receive the top-notch and reliable services from us.

Great Support

A team of trained and dedicated engineers and application specialists are always ready to help.

Proven Track Record

More than 30 years of reputation and experience in the industry. A professional partner you can rely on.

Our Services

An ISO 9001 certified company

We have a broad customer base in both the public and private sector, which includes but is not limited to, hospitals, medical centres, universities, academic institutions, research institutions, independent laboratories, veterinary services, educational institutes, government agencies, and industrial sectors in whole Malaysia and across Thailand. We are a registered Malaysian government supplier, thus giving us authority to supply to government agencies.

Our sales and marketing teams strive to provide top notch services, and we make thorough assessment to customers’ needs or problems in order to offer tailored and effective solutions. The excellent performance of Histocenter’s service team is also highly praised by customers. Our qualified engineers and applicant specialists regularly attend certified training courses held by our principals in order to deliver reliable and competent after-sales support to customers. We conduct routine CMEs and workshops on various educational and useful subjects to help customers realizing their needs, optimizing their workflows, improving product experiences, as well as to share knowledge of the latest products and application solutions in the market.

Other than offering an extensive products range, we also provide lifetime technical support covering the service and repair of instruments with genuine spare parts, provision of warranty, preventive maintenance support, and other general product services. The amalgamation of our application, sales, and service team is the key to our image and impeccable reputation in the science and medical industries. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority!


We are dedicated to the success of every client


We are committed to deliver the best solutions and services in the market


Team Work

We have the leverage of different expertise and strengths by working in teams

Our Milestones



Histocenter officially Established on 1st Oct 1987


MOF registration

Registered With The Ministry Of Finance Malaysia for direct supplies to government department


ISO certification / Establishment of Histocenter Thailand

Certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. And establishment of sister company Histocenter Thailand


MDA License

Establishment License by Medical Device Authority of Malaysia for importing, warehousing, distributing, direct selling & servicing of IVD equipment to clinical and medical sectors

Some of the client segments we serve…





Academic centers

Research institutes


Clinical laboratories


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