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ARTOS 3D – Array Tomography Solution

Ultramicrotomes & Cryo-Ultramicrotomes

Get consistent, ultrathin serial sections for array tomography in less time with the ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome.

The ARTOS 3D (ARray TOmography Solution) automatically creates and collects hundreds of serial-section ribbons all ready for array tomography with your scanning electron microscope (SEM). Save time and effort in biological sample preparation and SEMsetup procedure so you can quickly get the images you need to answer critical research questions.

  • Pre-program the ARTOS 3D to produce automatically hundreds of ultrathin section ribbons with flexible block-face sizes (µm to mm)
  • Avoid tricky, time-consuming manual ribbon collection with the ARTOS 3D integrated collection of fully aligned ribbons
  • Save SEM setup time by loading several carriers with high section density simultaneously
  • Smoothly transfer the section carrier through the whole specimen preparation process for a streamlined workflow

As transparent section carriers are available, the ARTOS 3D is also an ideal solution for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).