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Leica Aperio CS2

Create high-quality digital slides with the ultra-compact Aperio CS2 image capture device – from your desktop. With a five-slide capacity and 20X and 40x magnification capabilities, the Aperio CS2 is a highly reliable workhorse for medium-volume sites. The intuitive interface and easy-to-use design consistently provides rapid creation of high resolution digital slides, with >98% first time scan success rate.


  • Easily load and scan up to five 1×3 slides
  • Slides are on the Aperio digital slide tray in 90 seconds*
  • External sharing and collaboration (institution to institution)
  • Internal sharing (Hub & Spoke Network)and collaboration
  • Scan Success Rate:> 98% 1st time
  • Adjustable tissue finder, if needed

*Based on Aperio CS2 scanning a 15x15mm area at 20x magnification

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