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Leica DMi1

Inverted Microscope for Cell and Tissue Culture Leica DMi1

The microscope’s unique flexibility in accommodating an S40 condenser (40 – 50 mm working distance) or switching to an S80 condenser (80 mm working distance) is achieved by just a few hand moves. High-quality Leica objectives provide brilliant images.

The well-thought-out design and quality control elements enable you to work in comfort, even during long routines.

Smart features make your workflow smooth and efficient, saving time and resources. Leica Microsystem’s high-quality imaging technology provides precise results and reduces the risk of errors.

The microscope’s LED illumination means low energy costs and minimal downtime. No need to replace lamps often, or wait for the right color temperature to develop.

The Leica DMi1 is the smart choice for excellent quality.