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Talos F200X – High Resolution TEM for Material Science

Fastest 200 kV FEG S/TEM for chemical analysis in multiple dimensions

The Thermo Scientific™ Talos F200X scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) combines outstanding high-resolution S/TEM and TEM imaging with industry-leading energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) signal detection and 3D chemical characterization with compositional mapping. The Talos F200X S/TEM allows for the fastest and most precise EDS analysis in all dimensions (1D-4D), along with the best HRTEM imaging with fast navigation for dynamic microscopy. The Talos F200X S/TEM does all this while also providing the highest stability and longest uptime.

Highest resolution and throughput in STEM imaging

The Thermo Scientific™ Talos F200X S/TEM delivers the fastest, most precise, quantitative characterization of nanomaterials in multiple dimensions. With innovative features designed to increase throughput, precision, and ease of use, the Talos F200X S/TEM is ideal for advanced research and analysis across academic, government, and industrial research environments.